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Since first starting operations in 1976 at Jalan Ipoh in Kuala Lumpur, AMWAY Malaysia has always had one aim in mind: to help Malaysians live better lives. It still keeps helping them every step of the way through its strong community, trainings and mentorship. The proof is in the success of over 350,000 Amway Business Owners (ABOs) in AMWAY Malaysia, who is part of the 3-million strong ABO population around the world. The foundation is solid: a family-owned company, with unique products and patented ingredients and formulas, that has never missed a bonus payment. This is more than just a chance, it is an opportunity for you to seize.

Your Dedication Gets Rewarded

From scenic Auckland to romantic Paris, from exciting Africa to quirky Japan; AMWAY Malaysia has brought its ABOs all over the world to experience the new cultures and sights of exotic and pictureseque countries as part of its rewards programme. After all, hard work always pays off. The AMWAY Sales and Marketing Plan and other sales incentives rewards you with income, trips, recognition and much more, not only for selling the products, but also for helping the ABOs you sponsor improve.

• Monthly performance bonuses ranging from 3% to 21% of your business volume depending on your productivity;
• Monthly and annual leadership bonuses, cash and incentives based on group performance;
• Retail mark-up on items sold to customers.

Outstanding Products

From ARTISTRY cosmetics to NUTRILITE nutritional supplements, all items are scrupulously tested and trusted worldwide. Many consumers are familiar with the quality and reliability of AMWAY brands, and the direct selling model offers a personalised solution that caters to the people’s needs. With over 25 shops covering both east and west Malaysia, AMWAY Malaysia’s strong presence in the country assures ABOs of a formidable, and long-lasting relationship.

Low Risk, Low Cost

AMWAY Malaysia achieved sales in excess of RM1 billion in 2015, and this windfall was generously shared with its ABOs. There are so many reasons to become an ABO: both risk and cost are low; the chance at earning an extra income is there; and you can achieve the flexibility and financial security that you have always dreamt of. Enjoy the benefits of working with a reliable company and a strong community that can help you reach your goals. Embark on an exciting new journey, start your own business venture.

Business Support

Getting Started Has Never Been Easier!

Starting your own AMWAY business doesn't need to be overwhelming. AMWAY Malaysia provides you with the information and training to be successful. Training opportunities include online and offline resources. No need to worry if you don't have any business experience, we'll help you develop the skills you need to help you succeed. From product-specific training to business education and training programmes, you'll have access to resources to help you build a successful AMWAY business.


Are you full of commitment but short on knowledge? AMWAY Malaysia is willing to make its resources available to you to speed up your growth. Choose from the online or in-person course, and get a learning programme tailored to you. From the state-of-the-art Brand Experience Centre to the modern, functional and fully equipped Training Hall with experienced trainers, these facilities are open to ABOs to support their needs effectively.


Independence is not synonym for loneliness. At AMWAY Malaysia, you can rely on world-class customer service and a strong community of friendly ABOs to answer all your questions. With a dedicated staff of over 400, AMWAY Malaysia’s commitment to the partnership includes supporting ABOs in every possible aspect to help them achieve their business goals and dreams.


As an ABO, you are part of an overachieving network of peers who can show you the way towards success. With more than 350,000 ABOs in the country, you are in the business for yourself, not by yourself.