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Placing An Order

To add products directly into your shopping cart, click on the Shopping cart link in the global navigation. If you have multiple items to enter, click on the Add Multiple Items link. This lets you enter multiple item numbers at a time. You’ll need to have a product catalog or know the item numbers of the products you’re ordering when using this Multiline Form.

When you are ready to purchase, click Checkout. Enter your preferred shipping address and delivery method.

  • If you have already entered your shipping address, it will appear here and you can simply click on this address to have your order shipped there.
  • Opt to pick up your order at one of our Service Centers.
  • You may opt to pick up your order at one of our service centre.

After entering shipping information, click Continue, and you will be taken to our Secure Checkout to enter your payment method. More information about payment methods can be found here.

After entering your payment method, click Continue, and you can verify your entire order, including shipping and payment information in the Order Preview. Click Submit Order, and your order will be submitted. An email confirmation of your order will be sent to you. Be sure to print a copy of every order for your records.

Your Online Order is Safe
  • Your Personal Information is Safe
    Your satisfaction and safety are important to us. That's why we go to great lengths to make your online shopping experience a pleasure, from browsing for products to ordering items quickly and easily.

    You can be confident when you place an order. Amway uses state-of-the-art identity and personal information protection software to ensure that our transaction process is extremely safe and your information secure.

  • Password Protection
    To use a stored credit card, you must first log on using your user ID and password. This provides additional protection against unauthorized use of your credit card(s).

    To ensure privacy and security of personal information, NEVER give your password to others. If you know someone else knows your password, change it immediately, by going to "My Account".

  • Privacy Statement
    To learn more about security and privacy, refer to our Privacy Statement.

For further assistance, please contact us.

Viewing Order History

Use Order History to review your most recent orders. The most recent order is at the top of the list, showing the top five items in the invoice.

  • Search - include search by order number, order date, type of order, item number, or order status.
  • Order Status "Active" - order has been placed.
  • Advanced View - let you see back-ordered items, which will be flagged on the invoice.
  • Order Details - shows you the order number, payment details, products ordered, and status of those products.

For further assistance, please contact us.

Backorder Information

Most of the time, products are in stock and will ship immediately when ordered. Occasionally, there may be an unanticipated high demand for a product or other delay that could cause an item to be temporarily out of stock. In these cases, the out-of-stock item will be backordered for shipment to you at a later date. Any other items on the same order will ship in the normal timeframe, if they are in stock.

Notification of Backorder

When an item is backordered, a status of Backorder (B/O) will appear in your online order history when you visit My Account > Order History & Returns and open the invoice. If you have ordered other products on the same invoice, the Backorder item and status will also appear on the packing list you receive with the other products.

If a product is known to be on Backorder at the time you place your order, that status will appear in red on the product page and in your online Shopping Cart.

Once your Backorder item is available for shipment, it will be sent to you at no additional charge. Please allow 3–8 business days for delivery once stock is available.

You will be charged for the back ordered item.

*Notification on back order availability will be sent through SMS. Please ensure the latest contact number is updated in our record. All back order item not collected after 180 days will be automatically purged from the system and PV/BV (if any) will be adjusted accordingly.