Amway Loyalty Programme (ALP)

Great Discounts! Free Delivery! Your Favourite Products! Sign up for the Amway Loyalty Programme and enjoy a standing order on your credit or debit card to purchase selected products for six consecutive months. Take away the hassle of re-ordering your favourite products with the Amway Loyalty Programme! Click. Buy. Receive and Enjoy.


Nutrilite Loyalty Programme (NLP)

The Nutrilite Loyalty Programme offers the convenience of placing a monthly standing order on your credit/debit card to purchase selected Nutrilite products over a period of six (6) consecutive months. You will be charged the full normal price in the 1st month but receive a 2.5% discount on your purchases from the 2nd to 5th month. In addition, enjoy a 50% discount on your purchase price in the final (6th) month. All orders will be delivered to your doorstep free of charge. Sign up and enjoy the benefits of the Nutrilite Loyalty Programme today! 

Nutrilite Loyalty Programme

Terms & Conditions

1. The Nutrilite Loyalty Programme (NLP) is an automated payment facility offered to Amway Business Owners (ABOs) to conveniently order selected Nutrilite products and charge them to the ABO’s respective credit/debit card account.
2. If there are no changes or issues upon signing up for NLP, ABO subscribers will only need to execute their NLP one time, each time they make an order and continue receiving their selected Nutrilite products every month for the respective duration.
3. Selected Nutrilite products under the NLP will offer attractive incentive(s) upon successful subscription. PV & BV for each product selected under NLP will be adjusted according to the incentive(s). Each SKU/plan offers a 6-month programme. By signing up, ABOs agree and authorise Amway (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd. to charge and deliver the selected SKU/plan to them for 6 months.
4. The subscription of NLP and ordering of its selected Nutrilite products are only available ONLINE via Amway (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd.‘s website (
5. Only credit/debit card payments are accepted. The registered credit/debit card must be active at the time of NLP enrolment. This requires ABOs to fill up their credit/debit card details online (if not already done so) for payment. Payment through online banking is NOT allowed.
6. Amway (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd. is under no obligation to deliver products if the authorised card(s) has expired, exceeds monthly limit, inactive or terminated. Amway (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd. reserves the right to modify or terminate the NLP at its sole discretion.
7. ABO subscribers will also need to provide a delivery address. If a delivery address is not specified, the ABO subscriber’s registered address will be used as the delivery address for the NLP orders.
8. Upon successful subscription of NLP, the NLP orders will be processed within one working day after the subscription date. The NLP orders will only be delivered once payment is received successfully. The 1st month payment must go through for the NLP to continue.
9. ABO subscriber’s credit/debit card will continue to be charged for the subsequent months up to 6 months, according to the selected SKU/plan before delivery of products.
10. ABO subscribers must complete the 6-month NLP if they want to enjoy the 6th final month’s big offer/incentive. Otherwise, they will just be entitled to the interim offers/incentives before the 6th month.
11. ABOs can sign up for as many SKU/plans as they like but ONLY ONE SKU/plan per order at a time is allowed, i.e. combined SKU/plan in one order is NOT ALLOWED. This is to allow flexibility to amend credit/debit card details and/or delivery address, if necessary.
12. For any failed payment from the 2nd to the 6th month, Amway (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd. will attempt to charge up to a maximum of 3 times after 24 hours of order placement. If still unsuccessful, ABO will need to log in to to update their payment/card details and MANUALLY click to reprocess the payment before the next order cycle payment date. Failure to do so will warrant an automatic termination of NLP. However, for the 6th month, if payment is still unsuccessful by the last day of the month (before 12.00am of the following day), the system will automatically cancel the NLP and the order will be cancelled as it is the end of the programme.
13. ABO subscribers can also opt to discontinue their signed-up NLP anytime (at least 2 days prior to the card charging date). However, early/any termination will disqualify ABO subscribers of all NLP offers/incentives effectively upon cancellation.
14. Termination/cancellation of NLP is without any penalty and is applicable for the whole programme, no partial termination/cancellation is allowed. After termination/cancellation, the NLP will not be re-activated. ABO will need to sign up again for a new NLP cycle.
15. If there are any products under NLP which states "Out of Stock", ABOs subscribers will NOT be able to sign up/order under that NLP until stocks are replenished.
16. Volume down for NLP products are NOT ALLOWED.
17. Products purchased through NLP are NON-RETURNABLE/REFUNDABLE.
18. No switching of SKU/plan once the NLP has started.
19. NLP purchases are not valid with any ongoing promotion or offer, i.e. PWP/GWP or with any other related promotions during the programme period.
20. Delivery is free of charge. Pick up option is not available.
21. If the date of delivery falls on a rest day (Saturday, Sunday or public holiday), the shipment will be made on the next working day.
22. ABO subscribers can modify their details up to one day before the order processing date of their NLP order. For example:
a. ABO subscribers can make changes to their delivery address and/or credit/debit card details. The change will be reflected and effective in the next order month and to all subsequent orders if no further changes are made. Changes for individual orders are allowed.
23. Changes to your NLP selections, method of payment, address or authorised amount, can be made online by editing your NLP Profile.
24. If more than one NLP agreement has been submitted, the most recent agreement will supersede all previous agreements. Amway (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd. reserves the right to change the prices of its products without any prior notice.
25. This agreement will remain in effect until you: (1) elect to alter or change any aspect of this agreement by submitting a newly-signed NLP agreement or by changing your NLP Profile online; or (2) stop the payment of any withdrawals by Amway (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd. by notifying your issuing bank at least one business day prior to the scheduled charging of your account.
26. The terms and conditions herein are not exhaustive. Amway (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd. reserves the right to add, modify or delete any of the above terms and conditions without any prior notification.
27. Amway (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd. reserves the right to amend the Rules and Regulations/Terms & Conditions of this programme without prior notification.