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ATMOSPHERE DRIVE: “Clarity from Within” – ATMOSPHERE DRIVE Car Air Treatment System – a new, unique filtration device to help provide cleaner air inside cars around the world.

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Exhaust from cars and trucks on the road. Pollution from the air on the highways. The scents that linger on country roads and inner city streets. They all contribute to the contaminants in the air you breathe while travelling and they can be minimised inside your car with the ATMOSPHERE DRIVE Car Air Treatment System.

Cabin filter helps to trap pollutants before entering the air conditioner. However, the cabin filter is unable to trap pollutants coming in from other gaps or when the door is open. For built-in purifiers, these could be ionisers. As negative ions are produced to attract dust that stick on any surface, it is unable to collect dust in one place.

Yes, no matter how short a distance your drive is, potential air pollutants such as formaldehyde, TVOCs, allergens, odour and harmful chemicals from the road still exist in the air.

ATMOSPHERE DRIVE helps to reduce 99% of pollutants (PM2.5) in a vehicle. It is also certified to reduce airborne tobacco smoke, removes more than 50% of particulate from air passing through the filter in 5 minutes, and reduces odour from smoke and exhaust.


Yes, it is the first and only car air treatment system to receive the Allergy UK Seal of Approval. It is also suitable for allergy sufferers as part of their allergy management plan.

Yes, there is a one year warranty for the main unit.

Replace the filter when the filter replacement indicator turns red. The filter’s lifespan is 350 hours, depending on the run time. The replacement frequency may vary depending on the hours of use, outside air quality and location of the unit.

You can wipe the housing exterior with a clean, dry cloth as needed. Avoid the use of sprays and liquids.

No, this product is for use inside a vehicle only. It is only for use in standard passenger vehicles only (12V dc), and not to be used in large commercial vehicles (24V dc).

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