Return and Refund - Satisfaction Guarantee

Amway Promise

AMWAYPROMISE is our global consumer protections communications platform. Our goal is to deliver the most comprehensive customer service and consumer protections offering in the direct selling industry.

The direct selling industry is self regulated by a Code of Ethics established by the World Federation of Direct Selling Associations (WFDSA) that states that direct selling companies and independent sellers shall not use misleading, deceptive or unfair sales practices.

Most countries also have individual Direct Selling Association codes of ethics that localise the WFDSA Code under applicable laws and regulations. Amway adheres to these codes through its consumer protections, which AMWAYPROMISE brings together under the following pillars:

Low-cost, Low-risk Opportunity
Promises zero purchase requirements and minimal sign-up fees for new business owners.
We believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to get ahead. That’s why we promise to always provide a low-cost, low-risk opportunity.
Warranty Programs
Peace of mind with Amway products.
We’re confident in the quality of the durable products that we offer. If your product has an issue we provide a variety of innovative service, repair and warranty programs that allow you to easily address any concerns that you may have.
Customer Services
Support you can count on.
We know you’ll have questions along the way and we have the answers. For ABOs and consumers, Amway is committed to providing top-notch service, whether face-to-face, on the phone, or online.
The Right to Know
Knowledge is power.
We promise to clearly communicate and make easily accessible all information related to the above consumer protections, as well as to our Inventory Buy-Back policy and Cooling Off Period.
90-day* 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
Helps ensure satisfaction with our products or opportunity.
If you’re not getting what you expected from your Amway opportunity or an Amway product – let us know, and we’ll work tirelessly to make sure you’re 100% satisfied. Should you decide the product that you have purchased and used is not satisfactory, you may return the product within 90 calendar days from the date of purchase. You will be offered a choice to have it returned without charge, receive full credit on the returned product for the purchase of another Amway brand product, or receive a refund on the full purchase price. The content of the product should be at least 80% full in order to be eligible for a return.

This Guarantee does not apply to:

Products that have been intentionally damaged or misused.
Amway durable products (High Ticket items) such as the eSpring Water Treatment System, Atmosphere SKY & Mini Air Purifier and Atmosphere DRIVE, which are covered by a separate manufacturer’s warranty.
Personal Shoppers Catalogue items & XS Drinks, premiums, BSA, sales aids, limited edition, seasonable items, NLA or expired products.
Amway products which have been purchased from unauthorised sellers (online platforms or retail shops) will not be accepted for returns. It will not be covered by the Amway Satisfaction Guarantee or warranty. Amway will not guarantee the authenticity, quality of the products or accept complaints about product related issues.

*The update takes effect from 1 June 2021.

Return of Products

Return Unused and Unopened Products

Amway accepts the return of unused product/s from ABO/APC under the following criteria:

The product must be in its original packaging, unused/unopened and in good sellable condition.
The product must be returned within 7 calendar days from the purchase date/date received.

Return under Stock Reduction

Amway accepts the return of BV items which are current and in saleable condition from ABO under the following criteria:

The product must be in its original packaging, unused/unopened and in good sellable condition.
The purchase of the products must be within 180 calendar days (6mths) from the purchase date.

Return Due To Damage (Delivery)

Amway accepts the return of damaged product/s and/or product shortage/s from ABO/APC upon the receipt of shipment (delivery) under the following criterion:

ABO/APC must report damaged product and/or product shortage upon the receipt of shipment (delivery) within 7 days from the date received.

Return Due To Resignation

ABOs who decide to resign from the Amway business are required to submit his/her resignation via A stock return form must be completed if there is any saleable stock to be returned. Amway does not accept the return of sales aids, Non-BV items, promotional premiums, Personal Shoppers Catalogue products, XS Energy Drinks and limited life/ seasonal /festive items. The prerequisites for such returns shall be in accordance with our Stock Reduction policy.

Amway accepts the return of product due to ABO resignation under the following criteria:

The product should be purchased by the resigning ABO within the six months period and must be in its original packaging, unused/unopened and in good sellable condition.
If the return involves old Durable products (i.e. Atmosphere Air Purifier) which has been discontinued, the purchase should not be longer than 180 calendar days from the NLA announcement.

Product Return Procedure

In order to facilitate the processing of a return, an ABO/APC must provide the following information when completing a SA112 Returned Merchandise Authorisation Form and return the form together with the product/s to Amway for further processing:

The reason for return.
The product name and quantity.
The original invoice/order number.
The name and address of the customer.
The person who returns on behalf of the ABO/APC must be within the same Line Of Sponsorship.
There is no outstanding EPP instalment on the product.

Refund via Credit Voucher or Bank Transfer

All stock return (except for Satisfaction Guarantee, unused product return within 7 days from the purchase date and Delivery Damage), the refund will be based on the original price less 5% handling charge and miscellaneous charges where applicable.

The PV/BV adjustment will be reflected in the ABO’s or upline sponsor APC’s account. Any return could be refunded in the form of Amway’s Credit Voucher or bank transfer with bank accounts information furnished.

The Credit Voucher functions as follows:

The refund amount will be based on the original price less 5% handling charge and miscellaneous charges where applicable.
The Credit Voucher is not part of your PV/BV value. During your next purchase, the Credit Voucher can be considered as a payment option, while PV/BV figures will be deducted and used accordingly.
When an APC returns for a credit voucher or refund, the PV/BV deduction will be applied to the upline APC’s sponsor.


1. Mary buys Amway Product A for RM100.00 with PV:25 and BV:100. Several days later, she returns it under the Amway Satisfaction Guarantee policy.
2. During this return, she gets a Credit Voucher value of RM100.00. As for her PV and BV, it will be shown as (PV:-25) and (BV:-100).
3. During her next purchase, which is Amway Product B priced at RM80.00, her RM100 Credit Voucher can be used as a payment option. Her PV and BV figures will be deducted accordingly.

Returning Product A Purchasing Product B
Price: RM80.00
PV:20 BV:80
Mary’s Balance
Credit Voucher (CV) +RM100.00 -RM80.00 RM20.00
PV -25 +20 -5
PV -100 +80 -20

*The Credit Voucher must be redeemed within one year from the date of its issuance.

Amway reserves the right to approve or reject a return based on the current returns policy. For more details on the terms and conditions of returns, you may refer to the Customer Careline.

Returns based on reactions derived from product consumption are handled on a case by case basis. Both Nutrilite and XS products practice either 3-month or 6-month pull-off from shelves as the safety and well-being of our ABOs are our priority. All Amway products sold in Malaysia and Brunei Darussalam do not contain placenta, pork or its derivatives. Actual products may vary slightly from products shown in the Amway Product Catalogue due to the print production process.