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BodyKey Snack Bar On-The-Go Seaweed Flavour

This isn’t just the savoury snack you should reach for when your tummy grumbles in between meals, it is also a preferred choice over sweet and sugary options!

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B$ 24.50

Item #: 286003


The seaweed aroma of the snack bar will fade over time. This is because we don’t use any artificial flavour to enhance or stabilise the product’s flavour. The aroma naturally comes from the food itself. As such, the natural flavour of the roasted seaweed will fade over time.

Some snack bars may have 2 pieces of almond while some may have 4 pieces of almond. In the case of the varying numbers of almond pieces, each bar is still the same weight as the amount of puffed cereal used will vary too. This may result in varying levels of snack bar thickness.

Temperature or humidity will affect the texture of this product. If the surrounding temperature/weather is cold or dry, it will be hard. If the surrounding temperature/weather is hot or humid, it will be soft.

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